APACER Flash Drive 32GB (AH336) (White ,Black)



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Capacity : 32 GB
Interface : USB 2.0 Type-A 
Dual Craftsmanship
Comfortable Texture
Convenient Strap Hole Design
Band : Apacer
Model : AH336
Capacity : 32GB
Interface : USB 2.0

รายละเอียดสินค้า 32GB Flash Drive APACER (AH336) Black



Dual Craftsmanship

With the "Simplicity x Perfection" design concept, AH336 adopts modernistic colors with duo-craftsmanship which consists of elegant mirror finish and delicate texture, bringing perfect visual enjoyment.

Perfectly Comfortable Texture

AH336 features the streamline curved contour for rounded and comfortable touch, which offers an easy way to hold and plug-in.

Convenient Strap Hole Design

The integral strap hole makes AH336 easy to carry on a charm or keychain. Apacer's thoughtful designs bring wonderful experiences for every user!

*Strap accessory shown in image is not included in the product.

Fashionable Design with Rapid Transmission

AH336 adopts USB 2.0 interface with excellent compatibility, and is available in simple white and gentleman black, displaying charming streamline glamour with delicate texture.


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